Different strains of Weed Effective against Glaucoma

In order to fight glaucoma, there are different strains of weed available and indica strain is one of them. The other strain available commonly, is sativa. The two strains were genetically mixed which make a variety called as the hybrid variety. These hybrid varieties are of different types and each of the hybrid varieties have different strengths of CBD and THC in them. The CBD and THC are the compounds that cause the beneficial effects in sick people.

Each of the different strains, namely indica, sativa and the hybrid varieties are highly effective against glaucoma, but there are some specific ways in which these strains of weed are effective.


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Reduction in intra ocular pressure: There is a reduction in the intra ocular pressure when marijuana is used. Usually, the intra ocular pressure in the eye is raised. This is because of the disease process that causes the pressure to be elevated. When the weed is used, it will help in lowering the pressure and this helps in reducing the other related symptoms of glaucoma. The reduction in the intra ocular pressure ultimately helps in saving the eye from blindness.

2. Decrease in inflammation: There is a general anti-inflammatory property for medical marijuana. So, when it is used in those with glaucoma, there is a reduction in the inflammatory process. It is highly effective in reducing the symptoms of the disease. When the swelling in the eye is reduced, the discomfort that was caused because of the swelling is also reduced.

Ways in which cannabis can be used to reduce glaucoma

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Medical marijuana can be used in different ways to help reduce the symptoms of glaucoma. The common method that is used by many people is smoking, but it is not a healthy way to use the medicine because the act of smoking itself can cause side effects, though the marijuana may have beneficial effects. The other common methods that are greatly beneficial in getting rid of glaucoma are the use of medical marijuana as pills. When these pills are consumed, it helps in getting rid of the problems. Cannabis can also be used as an inhaler. When the medication enters the body, it quickly helps in reducing the pressure inside the eyes and helps in saving the eye from potential blindness.

Since different strains of medical marijuana are used in the treatment of weed, it needs to be used effectively by choosing the right strain that suits different patients.

Marijuana helps get rid of depression and bipolar disorder

Depression is a chronic problem suffered by many people. It is a condition that can even lead to suicide in some people. Other people have mood swings and they are usually in a state of feeling down. The other important aspect about depression is that the affected individual will progressively become worse. A similar disorder is bipolar disorder. This is a health condition where the affected person will feel not only depressed, but will also have problems in cognition. Cognition is the ability to understand various events and also the ability to use the various senses. A person with bipolar disorder will be in a zombie like state.

Medical marijuana is one of the most apt treatments both for depression and bipolar disorder. In both the conditions, there is some problem in the brain and this disorder is corrected with the use of medical marijuana.

Ways in which medical marijuana helps overcome depression and bipolar disorder:

  1. Depression: Depression is a common problem in almost all psychiatric disorders. This can lead to severe problems in people. They will be anxious and they will suffer from lack of decision making ability. Some may feel sad and even completely helpless at times. All these feelings and emotions are stabilized with the use of medical marijuana. It helps in improving the mood of the person and provides a mild feeling of elation. Since elation is the complete opposite state of mind to depression, the use of medical marijuana is being popularized for those who suffer from depression.
  2. Bipolar disorder: One of the major symptoms that is characteristic of bipolar disorder is the lack of cognition. The cognitive ability of a person will be suppressed. This will affect the person greatly and prevent them from leading a normal life. They will not be able to go through the regular activities of the day because of this disease. Medical marijuana helps in overcoming the lack of cognition by improving the cognitive ability of the person. The disorder can also have symptoms like rapid mood swings and depression. Medical marijuana helps in making sure that the mood of the person is stable and it also helps in overcoming depression.

Medical marijuana can be consumed in different forms. Some people like to smoke it the traditional way and others prefer to use it in the form of an inhaler. It is also available in the form of pills for regular use. Whatever the form of medicine, it has the same beneficial effect on those who use it to overcome psychiatric disorders.

Marijuana can help treat neck and back pain due to spondylosis

Pain in the back and in the neck is caused because of degenerative changes. These changes are called as spondylosis by medical practitioners. When a person becomes older, there are certain degenerative changes in the bones too. They lose their strength and become weak. This causes them to compress the nerves that pass between the spinal bones. When the nerves are compressed, severe pain can be caused. This kind of nerve pain cannot be treated with normal pain killers. They need to be treated with high doses of drugs.

Neck pain and back pain due to spondylotic changes can cause sharp shooting pain that limits activity. Activity limitation due to spondylotic pain can cause the person to become bed ridden. Some may even require surgical intervention. It is important that the pain is relieved at an early stage to overcome all these complications.

Medical marijuana helps treat spondylosis

  1. Low doses help in treatment: Spondylotic changes in the back and neck are progressive in nature and usually require high doses of pain killers. Many people who are suffering from kidney problems, heart problems and other co morbid diseases will not be able to use high doses of pain killers. Even in such patients, low doses of marijuana will help in rapid and lasting pain relief.
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    Long periods of treatment without complications: The other advantage of using medical marijuana is that it can be consumed for long periods of time without any complications. Since neck pain and back pain are chronic in nature, they need a long duration of treatment. Such kind of long treatment with other pain killers can lead to serious side effects and may even be fatal in some people. These kinds of problems are prevented with the use of medical marijuana that does not cause any side effects even when it is used for many months continuously.

  3. Pain relief in short time: Medical marijuana ensures that there is adequate pain relief within a short time. The pain relieved is also lasting in nature. For example, pain relieved by other pain killers may resume within about 4 hours, but pain relieved with medical marijuana will last for more than 8 hours. Since pain relief lasts for a longer time, it is beneficial to the affected person as they will only need to take small doses of medical marijuana to keep away pain for long periods of time.

Since there are so many advantages of pain relief with medical marijuana, it is becoming very useful in treating spondylosis.